Slab & Block Lifting Equipments

The Hydraulic Brick Scissor Grab is designed for the sand-lime brick industry. The robust construction is able to lift and rotate the brick using a hydraulic control valve. The hydraulic brick clamp provides effective transport for sand-lime brick.

The Rock Lifter Grapple is an attachment that makes moving and setting large rocks and boulders a snap. Designed for the landscape contractor, stonemason, or anyone else who works regularly with rocks and boulders.

The Paving Stone Lifter save time and reduce stress on the back and knees when installing paving flags. It can also be used with concrete, sandstone, slate, etc.

Featuring a sliding valve, the AEVL1-250 is a powered vacuum lifter which is suitable for securely handling small-sized materials. By means of a vacuum tank, the lifter ensures safe pick-up in the event of a sudden power break to the vacuum pump.

The boom is raised via a 12V battery-powered hydraulic pump. The boom also telescopes out for greater reach. The counterbalance design eliminates the need for front legs.

The Versa Block Clamp is made for lifting and moving concrete blocks, rubber tires, drums or other materials. These jaws can be easily changed and reversed to allow for picking up of objects from the inside face or inside out.

Aardwolf Pallet Crane Fork offers a flexible lifting solutions for loading, unloading, handling and transporting heavy materials within production environments. The Pallet Crane Fork is especially helpful to maximize efficiency in production environments with narrow aisles or for areas which may be inaccessible to forklifts.

Fast, efficient, flexible, smart and fully automatic, the Aardwolf mechanical lifters are designed to safely lift concrete pipes. The lifter does not require additional hydraulics. The operator is able to use the pipe lifter to grab, lift and move pipes without assistance. The narrow profile allows for the easy installation of concrete pipes into tight trenches.

The new Aardwolf Slab Lifter Automatic 50A has an integrated auto-lock, unlock mechanism (patent pending), which allows the clamp to automatically grip slabs on pick-up and release the slabs on set down.

An equipment designed for lifting and carrying your plates. Aardwolf Lifters have a spring mechanism that automatically discharges the lifter when plate is fully seated on the ground.

An equipment designed for lifting and carrying your plates. Thanks to Aardwolf Lifters, lifting/landing your plates turns into an operation to be performed by a single person.

All clamps protect the material with rubber contact pads for safe and convenient grip. Clamps are gravity controlled, and open when material is landed on the ground, and close when lifted.

Designed for lifting and carrying large, bulky and heavy construction materials such as glass, granite and marble as plates. Reduces potential pressure on the fingers, waist and back.

This two man block clamp is ideal for installing concrete or stone curbs. Designed to make the work easy and comfortable without pains when working hours are over.
Work Load Limit 120 Kg – Gib Range 100-500mm

Designed for lifting and carrying large, bulky and heavy construction materials such as glass, granite and marble as plates. Reduces potential pressure on the fingers, waist and back.

 Carrier clamps used in pairs enable easy and convenient lifting and carrying of the panels. Clamp utilizes the weight of the stone for gripping, and its openings are tempered rubber coated.

 These powerful lifters provide more reinforced grip via hold-release lever. For robust and consistent grip, pressing down on the levers is required.

Has a complementary role for the lifting clamps, and is made of telescopic two-piece steel box sections. Has a versatility to allow maximum vision for the driver.

Includes a 3 or 5 meter long, dual galvanized steel rail, and rectangular section posts that can be placed anywhere along the shelf. Wall thickness of posts is 4 mm or 5 mm.

Ideal for carrying and storing materials within the factor or carrying materials to the work site. Can be loaded into a truck via a forklift or a crane. It has eight locking latches at the bottom.

Ideal for transporting plates in store and on work sites without any damage. It has solid rubber wheels with a diameter of 200 mm. It has a design that prevents edges of plates from being damaged.

Ideal for carrying countertops and other heavy parts to the working site. It has pneumatic wheels and 140 mm wheels to increase balance on the front side.

Apparatus helping sinks to be mounted easily by a single person. It provides the convenience of a push button for catch-release so that caps on the hanging bar are placed quickly.